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Georgian Wines

Georgian winemaking method is a UNESCO heritage

About Georgian Wines

The history of wine tradition originates in the fertile villages of Georgia. Facts confirm that the oldest seeds of cultivated grapes were found here. The tradition of wine-making in Georgia is 8,000 years old, so this number is often found on the labels of Georgian wines. Kakheti region is considered the centre of Georgian wine-making, where grape growing and wine-making are the most common activities. In Kakheti, the Alazani Valley is considered the most famous wine-growing region. It is located at an altitude of 200 - 470 meters above sea level and its length is 160km. Our winery complex Alazani is located is Kakheti, in the ancient village of Kardenakhi, in the sunniest place of the Alazani Valley, famous for its hot climate and liveliness of ancient traditions. The name of the village of Kardenakhi comes from the words "gate and vineyard", which suggests that wine is an integral part of every house in this village.

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