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Bringing back old gold,
to you,
gems of the new world.


We import only products from Regions less explored that we think is worth your every single cent.

From wines to fresh produces.

Premium taste and quality do not necessarily need to be of premium price.

Abelines Trading Pte Ltd specializes in trading products from Regions less explored. From wines to fresh produces for your gastronomy pleasures. We take pride in our distribution and promise to bring exotic and premium quality products to you.

Wine Barrels

My Story

It was a Leap of faith for me to start my entrepreneurship journey after so many years in the corporate world. I decided to leave my many years as a corporate executive, my last being in a British MNC for 15 years, to venture into starting my own small, humble business in the midst of Covid-19 period. It was the sudden change of lifestyle impacted by the pandemic that pushes me to make this big step for the totally foreign transition in my life.
With no idea on what to do, at that time, I just knew I needed to do something different and something that could allow me to learn again. Through discussion with my husband, who is a well-travelled Algerian and also very business minded person, I got encouraged and inspired which I decided to start with wine business. As a new and small player in the well-saturated wine market in Singapore, I am not too bold to fight the pie with the other big brothers and sisters (the other big wine distributors). This led me to think of looking into any exotic wine regions I could think of and Georgian wine won the place to help me pilot my small business.

I aspire to lead the trend to make exotic, uncommon wine types and even boutique wineries from anywhere in the world who wish to make their brands to be seen in this part of the world. Not just wine, I am also constantly looking for fresh produces from Regions less explored to bring them into Singapore. 

Hope you will enjoy the selections I have brought in for you, my dear fellow mates in Singapore and South-East Asia . Something that I think people here should know about, to expand the choices of good quality products.

Night Train

Message from Founder

“I am so excited to walk my journey in this adventure with Abelines Trading Pte Ltd. As much as I love exploring the world, I would love to bring the world to my country mates and the lovely people living in this region. I promise to bring back the old gold to you, gems, of the new world.”

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The Rivergate Grocer
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