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Green Farm

Where heritage shines,
future treasures bloom.


We import only products from Regions less explored that we think is worth your every single cent. From wines to fresh produces. Premium taste and quality do not necessarily need to be of premium price.

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My Story

The pandemic wasn't just a health crisis; it was a wake-up call. After 15 years scaling the corporate ladder, I yearned for something that stretched my soul, not my spreadsheets. Enter the swirling world of exotic wines, and specifically, the captivating land of Georgia. Its ancient grapes and audacious flavors were a gateway to a richer life, not just on the palate, but in my mind.

Georgian wine ignited a passion for exploring the boundaries of our comfort zones. Not just with consumable delights – though we do hunt down the most intriguing small-batch spirits and boutique wineries – but also with how our minds adapt and grow. That's where comes in. We're not just another wine club; we're a masterclass in cultural and cognitive exploration.

Forget stuffy wine tastings. Through immersive seminars, intimate gatherings, and curated experiences, we unlock the doors to unexpected flavors and transformative mindsets. Whether it's learning the secrets of Georgian fermentation or mastering the art of embracing change, is your passport to a world beyond the ordinary.

Join me on this quest for uncommon knowledge and unexpected delights. We'll raise a glass to personal growth, sip on stories told in ancient languages, and savor the thrill of pushing our mental borders. The world has so much to offer beyond the big brands and familiar paths - let's explore it together, one exquisite taste and transformative lesson at a time.

Night Train

Message from Founder

“I am so excited to walk my journey in this adventure with Abelines Trading Pte Ltd. As much as I love exploring the world, I would love to bring the world to my country mates and the lovely people living in this region. I promise to bring back the old gold to you, gems, of the new world.”

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